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Flying 3D printer hits the spot

posted 01 May 2015 at 21:39:42

MUPPette - Mobile Unmanned Printing Platform from Gensler LA on Vimeo.

A prototype flying 3D printer is being developed by Los Angeles architects Gensler that’s pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology. Attached to the bottom of a multi-rotor drone, the printer can extrude a concrete-like material while in flight. The idea behind the Muppette project (Mupp stands for Mobile unmanned printing platform) is to help with building temporary shelters for disaster relief purposes: the Mupp can be sent out to areas stricken by natural disasters, cut off from traditional means of rescue. Current estimates are that constructing a rudimentary shelter will take about one day. The research project is still ongoing – one of the biggest challenges is how to deal with the drone’s limited carrying capacity. The current thinking is to use a teamwork approach – while one deposits and prints, support Mupps fly around gathering materials and bringing them back to the printing one.   Courtesy of Gensler (  

Courtesy of Gensler (