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3D printed beak fits the bill

posted 27 April 2015 at 09:22:34

3D scanning and printing has come to the rescue of a Costa Rican toucan, whose beak was broken off after an attack by vandals. When these heartbreaking pictures of the toucan’s broken beak emerged, it didn’t take long for a crowd-funding campaign to cover the cost of fixing the problem. Then a group of tech businesses offered their services to scan the broken beak with an Artec 3D scanner and to 3D print a prosthetic replacement. The Toucan, Grecia, is being cared for at animal rescue shelter ZooAve, near Alajuela, Costa Rica. Now they are working on printing a durable, lightweight prosthesis to Grecia’s exact specifications, as well as planning the best way to attach it. To follow the work of the shelter and to donate, go to: 

 Picture: Artec 3D