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6 things you can 3D print that you would NEVER think you could

posted 07 January 2015 at 16:24:33

From pizzas and burgers to ravioli, not forgetting chocolates and candy for the sweet-toothed, you name it and there are 3D printers that can print it! And let’s not forget the NASA-funded project to develop a 3D printer that can print edible pizza in space at zero gravity. They may not look appetizing, but we're assured they taste OK.

2. HUMAN ORGANS AND BODY PARTS : Scientists have developed ways of 3D printing skin cells, organ tissue, blood vessels and even body parts, such as ears and noses. You may not be able to sign up for a 3D printed liver just yet, but clever people are working on making it possible in the near future.

3. BUILDINGS : From a basic bungalow in Shanghai, China, to a 13-room, 3-storey gabled canal dwelling in Amsterdam, 3D printed houses are the next big thing, according to an associate at the world famous architecture firm Zaha Hadid. And then there are even plans for a 3D printed lunar base on the Moon, drawn up by Foster + Partners. Whatever next – an entire skyscraper? We say, the sky’s the limit!

4. CARS : The URBEE, a futuristic-looking, eco-friendly electric car, sports a body that was entirely 3D printed.

5. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS : Guitars, flutes, violins – not forgetting bells and whistles –they’ve all been 3D printed and can be played. Now researchers just need to work on making them sound a bit more musical!

6. ANOTHER 3D PRINTER : RepRap is a British initiative to build a 3D printer that is capable of reproducing itself, as well as lots of useful plastic objects. 

(image source: Natural Machines )