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3D printed heart helps save girl’s life

posted 31 January 2015 at 17:40:56

Here’s another example of how 3D printing ‘practice organs’ is set to become an important surgical tool. A two-year old girl, born with a serious heart condition, is alive and kicking thanks to a 3D printer – and, of course, a skilled medical team. Little Mina Khan was born with a hole between two chambers of her heart, which meant she was struggling to stay alive. A pioneering team led by Dr Gerald Greil (pictured) at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital made an exact 3D printed copy of her heart. By practising on the model, surgeons had a much better idea of what to do when they carried out the operation. They were also able to make a bespoke Gore-Tex patch to stitch into her heart. Mina is now fully recovered from the surgery and able to live a normal life.      

Picture: The Sunday Times / News Syndication