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Man 3D prints his own kidney to help surgeons

posted 19 January 2015 at 15:29:51

Here’s a heart-warming story that proves that 3D printing really can help everyone as John Cousins, director of a 3D printing company, recently proved. While giving a presentation on the future of 3D printing in the NHS, he collapsed in agony and was rushed off in an ambulance. Tests confirmed that he had a kidney stone and would need to be operated on. It was then that Mr Cousins came up with the idea of assisting the surgeons in his operation by printing a 3D model of his own kidney – complete with kidney stone – using his scan data. The model proved a real help to the surgeons at Southampton General Hospital. They were able to understand better the size, shape and position of the stone and therefore could operate more quickly and precisely. You’ll be glad to know that it all went well, and Mr Cousins is on the mend.  

Image: © Solent News & Photo Agency