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Stick a plaster on it

posted 08 January 2015 at 12:04:32

The medical industry was one of the first to grasp the possibilities afforded by 3D printing and its latest development is entering the realms of sci-fi.   

Meet the BioScope, a smart 3D printed sticking plaster that comes with built in sensors that can detect and record a patient's vital signs and relay the information to their doctor's smartphone or tablet. Invented by Chinese Ph.D. students You Chuang-Wen and Li Cheng-Yuan, the BioScope enables patients to walk about and even go outside while still transmitting data to the hospital's computer, rather than being confined to a bed with wires and tubes sticking out of them.   

The product is still in development, but if it turns out to be reliable and affordable, it could revolutionize the medical check-up.